Schule für Holzbildhauerei Brienz, Schweiz

Huggler Holzbildhauerei AG, Schweiz

Fuchs Holzschnitzkurse, Schweiz

Holzbildhauer Reto Odermatt, Schweiz

Holzbildhauerei Bissig GmbH, Schweiz

City & Guilds of London Art School, Grossbritannien

Schnitzstube Stadlhofer Franz, Kerb-Flach- Reliefschnitzkurse, Österreich

Holzbildhauerei schnitzophren, Deutschland

Unika, Skulpturenmesse, Italien

Internationaler Austausch Kerusokai, Deutschland/Japan

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You will find more than 600 high quality tools in our range – from an individual woodcarving tool, specialist tools and accessories to complete woodcarving sets.

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Only someone, who knows the origin, can guarantee quality. Made in Switzerland is a matter of course for us – and has been since 1902.

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Family company with tradition

For over a hundred years the cutting tools made by pfeil have been based on an ancient craft tradition in a family-owned company, which spans four generations.

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